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Most of my fond memories from growing up are the summers I spend at my grandparents’ farm in Romania.  That is where the food tasted better, I learned to ride the bike and best of all I learned the knitting craft from my grandmother.   She used to say that we all do something we have to so we can live in my case its financial analysis and we have to balance it with something we love, a craft that brings us the satisfaction of creating something with our hands.  A craft that reflects our personality and allows us to use the left side of our brain.  Knitting is a hobby I never quit, over the years I expanded to hats, shawls, sweaters, vest , mitts and many more.



After having my son, who was born with many challenges and medical issues, I realized how infinitely more important for us was to pursue an endeavor where we are all involved as a family.   My son Nicholas , requires one of us Ned or I to stay at home with him full time to ensure we provide him the best care. As a result, I encouraged Ned to stay at home with Nicholas and to pursue his craft , photography.  Three years ago, we started our commercial endeavor, Ned Radan Fine Art Photography and Lumi’s Knittles.  The response from the many shows we have done has been amazing for Lumi’s Knittles and Ned’s Photography.  My best customers are ladies that have never bought hats , since they never found one that fits them well or looks amazing on them.   Myself as an knitter (artist) get such a great satisfaction from helping customers and seeing them wearing my products.   I work hard to ensure I follow the latest fashion trends in textures, yarn , designs and colours as well as, keeping in mind the local demand.  Every year I introduce new products or ensure all current products are enhanced based on the customer feedback.


Ned and I have participated in Spruce Meadows for 3 years, Market Collective, and many other local shows.


My hope for the future is to pursue knitting as a full time endeavor in conjunction with Ned’s Photography.  Our plan is to expand to new markets and hopefully we will get the opportunity to join the Signature shows community of artists/vendors.


Thank you


Luminita Radan





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