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Headbands are the easiest item to wear, by design it can be used in any weather, and very convenient. Headbands are made of the softest yarn, amazing colours, and to top it off all materials are washable. A headband is $C25 with shipping charge of $C4. Delivery time for Canada is 2-7 days. Please e-mail me to arrange details or leave a message on the contact page. Thank you.



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Beige Headband - Code 501






Beige Headband with Flower – Code 501 Price: CAD $25

Beige Headband without Flower – Code 551 Price: CAD $25






Gray Black Headand - Code 502






Gray Black Headband with Flower – Code 502 Price: CAD $25

Gray Black Headband without Flower – Code 552 Price: CAD $25






Navy Blue Headband - Code 503






Navy Blue Headband with Flower – Code 503 Price: CAD $25

Navy Blue Headband without Flower – Code 553 Price: CAD $25






Red Headband - Code 504






Red Headband with Flower – Code 504 Price: CAD $25

Red Headband without Flower – Code 554 Price: CAD $25






Charcoal Headband - Code 505






Charcoal Headband with Flower – Code 505 Price: CAD $25

Charcoal Headband without Flower – Code 555 Price: CAD $25






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