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To knit at the level I do you have to really enjoy creating and interacting with you the customer.
Based on your suggestions and feedback I now have expanded to many knitted designs such as: hats, scarves, hoods, mitts and dog sweaters.
It is you the customer that motivates me to grow and enjoy what I am doing.
So I encourage you when you see me please ask me for suggestions, ideas or any creations that you want to see going forward.

Lumi Radan

The fastest way to contact me is through the contact box at the bottom of this page:

Please contact and like me on social media:

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Ned and I do shows together. Most of the times our booth is divided to his art photography and my hand knitted creations. This is how you can quickly recognize us. We both will be pleased to assist you:
Link to Ned's website:


Thanks for your interest.

Lumi Radan


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